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In Memoriam

Donald Foss

Donald A. Foss was FOD Capital's co-founder and primary beneficiary from 2017-2022. Previously, Don founded numerous businesses including Credit Acceptance (NASDAQ:CACC) in 1972, serving as CEO and Chairman for several decades before retiring in 2017, and CARite, a national chain of auto dealerships, in 2011. Don passed away on August 14, 2022, surrounded by family and loved ones.

Not only was Don known for his quick wit, incredible business acumen, entrepreneurship and perseverance, he was revered by thousands for his countless profound impacts on local, regional and national communities through generous scholarships, philanthropies and other supportive efforts.  

Don left behind an unprecedented footprint with a lifetime of hard work and accomplishments. He was a true American Entrepreneurial Icon, and his life story undeniably epitomizes the Great American Dream. All who encountered him were enriched in a distinctive way. He will be missed, but his legacy will be cherished for generations to come.

The FOD Capital Difference

We invest in people with purpose. These True Entrepreneurs are focused, hands-on, driven and persistent. Our portfolio company leaders build and operate within a culture where no job is too small, and no challenge is too big. Our unique investment philosophy borrows from the proven business principles adopted by our founders.

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